How To Prevent Back Pain and Keep Your Spine Youthful

As a Pilates Instructor, I get a lot of clients with back pain.

Usually when I say that, people assume my clients are in their 50s and up. But NOPE.

My clients are primarily GIRLS from 20-30. A lot of young professionals who are starting out in their careers are all gung-ho to work their 9-5s which is GREAT…

However, sitting at a desk all day wrecks havoc on our bodies. Namely, it makes it really east to lose body awareness.

How many times have you been sitting at a dinner table and realized that you’ve been slouching down like a gremlin for the last who-knows-how-many bites??

Or been so sucked into your computer that you realize your neck is jutting out in front of your back and your leaning in towards the screen?

I love talking about alignment. I’m a total geek for it. So I wanted to make a little post talking about ONE easy thing you can do to prevent and solve your lower back pain.

Yep. Just one. One little thing. You can change one little thing in your life, right?

Alright, let’s get started.

Most people associate the word “RIBS” as being on the front of our bodies. However, our ribs wrap all the way around and actually attach into our upper back (your thoracic spine, for you other anatomy geeks out there).

What this means is every time you lift a weight, kettle bell, grocery bag, laptop, or even a child and pop out your ribs for momentum, you overextend your upper back and SERIOUSLY compress your lower back.

This is a perfect example of falling out of alignment and causing our hip joints and low-back to help lift the weight instead of our abdominal muscles. Repeated actions like this can lead to all kinds of back issues later in life.

If you are someone that feels low-back pain, try to think about keeping your hips, ribs, upper back and head all stacked on top of each other and ~aligned~ while moving, sitting and exercising. 

(i.e. like I’m standing in the second picture as opposed to the first)

Keeping our body ‘stacked’ ensures that we are using our abdominal muscles AND work those deep stabilizing muscles to protect our spine!

Be nice to your spine, you’re going to need it for a while!

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