I Tried a Vitamin IV: Here’s What Happened

A full recap of my vitamin IV experience and all my post-drip thoughts

For the past year, I’ve been seeing these vitamin IV drips poppin’ up all over the place. However, most of them that I saw looked like they are marketed towards either celebrities or people who are hungover AF. So naturally, I wasn’t exactly jumping in line to get one.

HOWEVER, after receiving lots of questions via Instagram about this practice, I decided I had to take a closer look. As always, I am my own human guinea pig so I went and tried it out (at Whole Life Balance Toronto)

First things first, I am always an advocate for getting what we can from food and in an ideal world, we would all be able to achieve optimal health from natural whole food sources. The harsh reality is that the way we have farmed our food over the last 100 years has resulted in a very depleted soil. The soil contains everything we humans need to survive. But, like me, I’m sure you’re not walking around digging up dirt and serving it up to your family. That’s because we can’t absorb things directly from the soil (also, nobody wants a SANDwich. Get it? Sorry let’s continue.) So, the lovely plants suck up the nutrients from the soil, then we eat the plants and everyone is happy.

Well, that’s how it is supposed to work. When our soil is depleted, we can get MOST of what we need from plants but we usually need a boost from a good quality multivitamin or some other supplements.

Enter: The Vitamin IV. This is a practice which essentially funnels all the necessary nutrients for energy, mental clarity and optimal health into your bloodstream. It is like a super bioavailable multivitamin that bypasses your digestive system and ensures your body sucks up ALL that good stuff.

The experience I had getting one was actually super cool and much more chill than I expected it to be (seeing as a needle was involved). The space Whole Life Balance is super zen and really welcoming and the staff are all well trained and so friendly. They have a nurse (who works primarily in ERs) doing the initial needle prick and modulating the amount of the vitamin cocktail going into your system. It was super comforting having her come in to check on me throughout the process and I never felt alone or nervous.

Sandra, the owner and fellow holistic nutritionist, makes sure to come over and speak to every single person beforehand and during their drips. She is super knowledgeable and totally lights up the space!

She explained that at WLB they make all their vitamin bags fresh and as such, there is no need for fillers or preservatives. Their practice is truly a holistic one which is SUPER important seeing as this liquid is going straight into your bloodstream.


I’m usually a pretty high energy person but I definitely felt a lift. I think that anyone experiencing low energy and fatigue would feel significantly better after a treatment like this. Those B vitamins really give you a boost!

Directly after the IV I felt suuuuper relaxed (Sandra attributes this to the lovely magnesium). This wasn’t a sleepy-relaxed, but more of a gentle/at ease relaxed feeling. When the time came to go to sleep, I fell asleep SO easily and got up feeling really rested. Gotta love that magnesium.

The next day was when I felt the most significant effects. I noticed a lot more mental clarity and alertness. I usually only drink one cup of caffeine per day and I got to about 2pm before I realized I’d totally forgotten to have my morning coffee. This struck me as so interesting and such concrete proof that most people reaching for that 4th cup of coffee could really just use a boost of nutrients to their body (whether its via food, supplements or an IV).


My first thoughts are anyone struggling with severe fatigue or living a very high stress lifestyle would greatly benefit from this as a needed boost (along with healthy eating and new lifestyle habits).

Secondly, since the vitamin IV bypasses the digestive system, people who suffer with digestive issues could use this tool in their healing process. Inability to assimilate nutrients through our digestive systems can lead to mild or severe deficiencies. These nutrients are vital to healing the digestive system itself and therefore, these people are often caught in a kind of catch-22: They need the nutrients to heal, but cannot absorb and assimilate the nutrients that they need. This way, they could rest assured that their body gets that boost of nutrients which will promote healing while they work on their digestion.

However, this tool can be used by anyone who thinks it’s important to take a multivitamin everyday due to our depleted soil. Since we simply cannot always get everything we need from food, a vitamin IV isn’t too different than taking supplements – just faster acting and more direct.

As with anything in holistic health, there is no one tool / procedure / quick fix that will make all your troubles melt away. If you’re thinking of using this tool for therapeutic purposes, it is important to make sure you are also making lifestyle and dietary changes to help prolong the results.

Overall, the experience I had at WLB was awesome. SO good in fact, that I’m taking my mom back for her birthday. Anyone else LOVE giving experiences as gifts?!



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