Don’t Get On a Plane Without These Things: Vacation Health Travel Hacks

I don’t care if I’m done school, March Break is still a thing!

In just a few hours, I’ll be in Mexico enjoying sunshine and fresh fruit juice …ideally with a “splash” of tequila, if you know what I mean 😉  The Type-A in me is going over and over my packing check list that I didn’t forget anything. Frankly, I probably won’t use/wear more than half of the things I brought anyway, but that’s the life as a chronic over-packer.

But there are a few things that have huge impact on my health and wellness that I will never go on tropical vacation without, and use constantly…

Saccharmoyces Boulardii

 Boulardii is a non-colonizing strand of yeast, or probiotic, that is best known to help treat and prevent Traveller’s Diarrhea.

Real talk: nothing can ruin a beach vacation like needing to snuggle into a nest of blankets on the bathroom floor for a full 24 hours 

Unlike your traditional daily probiotic, Boulardii doesn’t colonize in your gut in the same way. Studies suggest it will only stay in the gut for up to five days but will feed on and crowd out other yeast and bacterias that cause Traveller’s Diarrhea… if not fully preventing, at very least shortening the duration.

Boulardii is another incredible example of nature putting an antidote right next to an offender — this strand of yeast was isolated from tropical fruit (like lychee), so it makes sense that in a tropical environment, it would be the one you want to take along with you. I never head south without it.

** If you DO happen to get sick, activated charcoal pills are a life saver

Refillable water bottle

 lol at those tiny plastic cups of water they give you on a plane. I would need my own personal flight attendant dedicated to stand and refill that tiny cup for hours if I didn’t bring my own bottle.

Not to mention when we combine stale, recycled airplane air and high altitudes we get extreme dehydration making us more susceptible to illness and affecting sleep and stress levels. Not ideal for vacay…

Sleep maskand for that matter, ear plugs! I’m literally that person with a sleep mask, ear plugs, neck pillow and scarf that doubles as a blanket. No shame.

Over night flights, time changes and unfamiliar surroundings can seriously throw off your circadian rhythm. Getting proper sleep will ensure that your immune system stays appropriately active.


 I’m sure this is one that we’re all pretty familiar with but it’s always good to get a reminder. Aloe is a class of herb called a “demulcent”. These types of herbs have a cooling effect when they’re applied topically.

Even without a sunburn, I like to apply aloe in the evenings after a day in the sun to make sure that I’m cool enough to get a good restful sleep

AND AS SOON AS I GET WHERE I’M GOING … the shoes come off and I go for a walk


 or “earthing” is an act that connects your body with the earth, and helps to reset or recalibrate your electrons. Sounds kind of “woo-woo” but more and more studies have proven the effects of grounding on sleep quality and limiting the effects of jet lag, cortisol levels and heart rate.

Not to mention after months of boots and snow and salt and ice and darkness and wind and … you get the idea… the mental effects of feeling your feet in warm sand 🙂

Now boarding….

by: Morgan Gibbons

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