Hi, I’m Stella



A Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Recipe Developer, Content Specialist and Pilates Instructor. I am also the founder of Stellar Eats, a healthy baking mix company. Prior to entering the wellness world, I struggled with disordered eating for many years. Now, the driving force between all of my entrepreneurial endeavours is to help people cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. I wants people to understand that nourishing foods can be delicious and that wellness does not have to mean sacrifice or restriction.

Overtime, through my love of food, mindful practice and a holistic approach that taught me how to heal from the inside out, I changed my relationship with both food and myself.

This mission-driven ambition is what makes me tick. It’s behind every post, article, & photo here on Stellar Health. It’s also the driving force behind my company, Stellar Eats. All the content I create aims to help people see just how empowering healthy eating can be.


One thought on “About

  1. I received a gift certificate for 6 meals for Mother’s Day from my daughter Sarah Latremoille. I was hoping to order for delivery on Sunday and realized that your cut off was 6pm. Is there any way you could include me for delivery on Sunday?
    I will go to the website now to choose the meals. Many thanks.
    Call me if you wish 647 393 1785.


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