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offered in person or via skype


60 MINUTES. 150 + TAX

This session is for me to get a total picture of YOU. Your current health, your health history, your goals, concerns, and current dietary / exercise routine. We will discuss your priorities as well as any obstacles you face. When working with a nutritionist, it’s important that you feel comfortable, connected and listened to by me. Having a good relationship with your practitioner is crucial to the success of all your health goals. This is also the time for you to ask questions – as many as you can!

Following this session, you will receive a personalized plan. The plan will include therapeutic or functional foods, delicious meal suggestions or a meal plan, foods to avoid for your health concerns, safe supplementation, effective herbs and lifestyle recommendations.


45 MINUTES – $75 + Tax

A holistic approach to healing takes some time as we work to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Follow ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks, depending on your health goals. We will work together to refine the initial plan or make a new plan which builds upon your initial progress. We will discuss what worked and what did not so that you are assured optimal success. We will discuss personal hurdles, barriers and strategies to overcome them.



I have experience working with various brands/companies developing recipes, creating written content and helping with their social media presence. Email below for more information



60 MINUTES – $100 + Tax

I’ll be the first to admit that the grocery store can be a scary place. Most of them are laid out tactfully by marketing experts trying to trick you into buying their products. I will provide supportive, informative recommendations as we walk through the store of your choosing. We will go through everything from reading labels together, learn to sniff out sneaky packaging (especially for MSG/other harmful additives) and talk about what types of foods to look for so you can feel your best. I will also show you how to shop efficiently, how to choose healthy snacks and make suggestions to swap out old items for more nourishing new ones. My goal is to help you go home with confidence!


90 MINUTES – $150 + Tax

I want you to feel as confident in your kitchen as you can. During this session, I’ll come to  your house and we go through your kitchen to understand your habits, what foods you like, what you gravitate towards snack-wise, etc. I will share all my information with you about how I keep my house stocked with nourishing foods and quick/easy snacks for anyone with a busy life. Further, we will go over how to properly store food and some awesome cooking tips.

If you want to pair this with the guided grocery shop, you can have the discounted rate of $200 for both. 



45 Minute Talk + 15 Minute Q+A

I have experience doing nutrition talks at offices, schools and for restaurant staff. Email me below for more information on topics/rates.


Time + Price Dependent on Event, Size + Food

Need an idea for a birthday party? A bachelorette? A fun Saturday night with your friends? Lets cook together! First, I will demo an exciting recipe with tons of valuable information included. Following that, you and your friends/family will cook various dishes together with me as a guide to build up your confidence in the kitchen. I supply the groceries and the recipes so you can focus on having fun! Email below for more information.